3D printing is a process where a digital model created using computer aided design software (CAD) is turned into a physical three dimensional object by adding material a layer at a time.

It all starts with making a virtual design of the object you want to create. This virtual design is made in a CAD file using a 3D modelling program.

There are many methods of melting softening the material to produce the layer. Whilst the technology has been around for 30 years.

It's only in the last 6 years, and the rise of desktop 3D printers, that people have become aware of its game changing potential across all industries. Techaura is the best printer in the market with affordable price.

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”Techaura” 3D Jewellery printer can print at the speed of 300 times than other printer which is clear cut and unparalleled.

Ultra High Speed

For superior quality surface demands with high detailing level, Techaura 3D printer is the best choice.

Smooth Surface

Being customer centric is one of our major goals and we are ready to assist you in care of any issue any time.

Service & Support

Guaranteed best price quality ratio with any of tech services of 3D printer most affordable Jewellery 3D printers in Indian Market.

Affordable Pricing

Proudly made in India products with most advanced technology. Get 24x7 support with all time spares parts availability minimum down time.A 3D printer can deliver your high resolution and high detailed part of for original jewellery design.

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